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Web Localization for Brazil

The internet has changed our world forever. A wealth of online resources, information, products, and entertainment is available via the web to almost all and has completely revolutionized modern life. Never before have we seen the creation of online content at such a pace and in so many forms.

A company’s website and online channels today are the equivalent of the shop window of the past; the primary way through which they can inform, engage and support their audiences. As always, the “can’t read, won’t buy” rule applies, and as the 5th largest country in the world, it is crucial for any company targeting Brazil to have a web presence that engages and delivers, no matter what its purpose.

TextTrans has been localizing many types of web content across a host of different industries for over 16 years now. We translate literally millions of words each year, selecting just the right solution for your content type, goals and audience. We understand that not only does web content need to be translated accurately and on-brand, but that the experience of the user on your site contributes to your long-term term success. Whether you are translating marketing-intensive brand sites, or user-generated content, eCommerce sites or technical support forums, TextTrans has the experience, solutions and scale to support your ambitions.

We can support you by translating literally any web content type you need, including the following common requirements:

  • Corporate Websites
  • Brand Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Help and Support Content
  • User-Generated Content
  • Marketing Content
  • Product Information and Descriptions
  • Terms & Conditions, Legal Text & Disclaimers
  • Social Media Content
  • Online Applications and Tools
  • Intranets and Internal Communication Tools
  • Online Training Environments and eLearning Content
  • Talent Management and Recruitment Portals

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