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Software Localization into Brazilian Portuguese

At TextTrans we have been localizing Software into Brazilian Portuguese for many years. Software Localization is the process of translating and adapting an application to provide the best possible user experience in the local language, and on the local operating system.  As Brazil has become a key market for consumer and enterprise software, our partners turn to TextTrans to assure optimal quality, reduced cost and time-to-market, and the best overall user experience.

We have many years of experience in translating UI (User Interface) for a wide range of companies in various industries. We localize many different types of applications, whether traditional desktop software, web-based software, or mobile applications.

Our expert Software Localization Service for Brazil includes:

  • Translating the application, making sure that the language used is linguistically accurate and appropriate to the application, operating system, platform and target culture
  • Ensuring that all UI elements display correctly and making sure that the software does not contain any typical localization issues, such as hard-coded strings, corrupted characters, embedded text in images, date or format issues, truncations, concatenation issues or word order issues)
  • Ensuring that the software runs successfully on the local operating system from a functional perspective
  • Assuring the usability of the application. Nowadays it is not enough for the UI to be translated, user experience is paramount. Software for Brazil needs to be clear, user friendly,, meet customer expectations and must be consistent with the overall company brand and goals

Software Localization Tools and Technologies

We are experts in most of the leading CAT Tools and specifically those Visual Localization Tools which are used for UI Localization, like SDL Passolo or Alchemy CATALYST for example. We use these technologies when translating UI Strings to protect the source code and to provide visual context for the translators when they are working, so that their translations make sense, fit the UI, avoid typical localization issues and enhance the overall user experience.

Terminology, Brand and User Experience

We can add value to brands and software development teams by defining key terminology at the beginning of a project and making sure that the translated terminology used is accurate, appropriate and ‘on-brand’. The translated terminology can then be reused consistently through the translation of the UI, Online Hep. User Documentation, User forums etc. This is increasingly important as these days many brands and businesses are promoting a distinct user experience as well as simply a functional product. By proactively managing terminology you will give your users in Brazil the best possible UX and assure brand loyalty and future revenue.

Agile Software Localization

As much Software development is done in sprint mode, we have the ability to create dedicated teams who we can prebook. We match your product and content to the linguists with the most relevant experience and ensure that they are always available to translator your build, whether daily, weekly, monthly etc. The linguists we allocate will build an in-depth knowledge of your product your goals and your users and have complete ownership over the linguistic quality the customer sees and uses. This leads to better overall quality, more consistency, less queries and issues, and a better user experience for your clients.

Our Software Localization Services

The services we provide include:

  • Source product review
  • Feedback on user, cultural or functional considerations for Brazil
  • Creation of Glossary, Style Guide, Brand Guidelines for Brazil
  • Translation of UI strings, Online Help, User Documentation, EULA, Packaging etc.
  • Post-Translation review of translated UI
  • Linguistic Testing of existing or newly localized product
  • Localization Testing of existing or newly localized product
  • User Experience Testing of existing or newly localized product
  • Bug Reporting and Regression
  • Creation of Screenshots for User Documentation

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