Multimedia and Game Localization

Multimedia Localization and Game Localization

The landscape for Video Games and Multimedia in Brazil has changed enormously over the years, not least due to the success of Multimedia Localization and Game Localization services for a market passionate about gaming.

From the early days of limited choices, high taxes and high levels of content piracy, the video game manufacturers eventually recognized the massive potential of the Brazilian market and began to commence manufacturing in Brazil. This led to reduced taxes and pricing and increased availability of products and content to a market hungry for more player experiences. The rise of mobile games and easy access through smart phones and tablets further compounded Brazil’s position as the 11th biggest market for video games in the world, with estimates positioning the total number of players at 61 Million, huge by any standards. The potential for Game and Multimedia publishers and studios in Brazil is vast, and TextTrans are here to support.

TextTrans provides a range of services tailored specifically for Multimedia and Game products. We have been localizing game content for over 16 years now and have a talent pool and production team familiar with the unique challenges posed by this content, and with the expertise and passion able to overcome these challenges.

Our goal is to combine our passion and affinity for the content with our in-depth localization and quality management expertise to provide your players and customers with rich, engaging experiences in a fast-paced and fiercely competitive market.

To assure your success in Brazil, we provide you with:

  • Talented, experienced, game-crazy linguists, passionate about delivering great user experiences
  • In-depth knowledge of the player market and preferences in Brazil across all major platforms
  • Industry & Console terminology and Brand and Game specific glossaries
  • Translation memory to reduce costs, assure consistency and reduce turnaround times
  • Rigorous quality-driven processes (TEP) and targeted linguistic quality assurance

By using our Game Localization Services you will benefit from:

  • Better translation quality
  • Faster certification
  • Reduced in-game bugs
  • Reduced testing costs
  • Improved player experience and retention
  • Reduced risk
  • Positive brand value that comes with true and expert localization

Our solution includes:

Localization of all Game related content across all Platforms, Genres, Channels and Audiences, including:

  • Software
  • In-Game text
  • Mobile Games & apps
  • Audio Scripts & Voiceover content
  • Printed materials
  • Web content
  • Marketing & promotional material
  • Promotional videos
  • Player manuals, documentation & instructions
  • Product packaging
  • Art-based text
  • eCommerce websites
  • Online community and User Generated content
  • Social media content

Terminology Creation and Management Services

Linguistic Quality Assurance Services

Linguistic & Localization Testing Services

User Experience Testing & Consulting Services

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