Our Translators

Our Translators

Our experienced, talented and dedicated translators are the key to providing our clients with top class quality and service. For many years, we have worked hard to identify and develop outstanding relationships with the best translators and reviewers Brazil has to offer. Our native-speaker translators are experts in their chosen fields, and passionate about providing accurate and nuanced work, as well as the flexibility and energy our industry requires. Though they come from a range of backgrounds and skills, they share a love of language, an amazing work ethic and a deep understanding of the Brazilian market and culture.

TextTrans benefits from a large and diverse pool of expert translators and reviewers, allowing us to support a wide range of industries and subject matters. To see the industries we support, click here. We work with many of our resources on a weekly basis, assuring ownership, accountability, and consistency of quality for our clients, as well as flexibility when needed. We create dedicated translation teams for ongoing client requirements, which allows our linguists to develop in-depth knowledge of your content and audiences, as well as the preferences of your reviewers and internal stakeholders.

Our translation teams are fully scalable, allowing us to support you for large or small requirements. Our search for skilled, experienced and professional linguists continues on a weekly basis, and we are able to match translator profiles according to your specific requirements. All our translators are fully vetted, tested, trained, monitored and mentored on an ongoing basis, and we provide them with feedback to improve performance. They are supported by our native speaker project managers, who liaise with our teams to clarify instructions, manage queries, facilitate communications and to assure the best possible quality. Our hard-working project managers own the overall project processes, which are quality-led and based on industry best-practices.

All of our linguists are native speakers and the vast majority are situated in-country, in Brazil. We also have some native speakers in other locations which allows us the flexibility to provide on-site services or out of hours/ vacation support.

All linguists are selected according to a detailed list of criteria, which includes:

  • Number of Years’ Experience in Translation
  • Education & Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • Publications Written or Translated
  • Practical & Professional Experience within Chosen Domain
  • Services & Skills Offered (e.g. Transcreation, MT Post-Editing, User Experience Testing)
  • Specific Translation Experience (Vertical, Brands, Content Types, Volumes)
  • Translation Technologies Supported
  • Specific Account Requirements

We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with our linguists. We think of them as our most valuable resources, and pay well and promptly. This allows us to attract the best possible talent, and to provide the best possible quality for our clients.

For more information about our linguists, contact us here.

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