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TextTrans Translation and Localization Services

TextTrans is one of the longest standing and most experienced providers of translation and localization services into Brazilian Portuguese.

Formed in 2000, we have been providing high quality and on brand translation services, at scale and with precision for some of the biggest global brands for over 23 years now.

Our key personnel are based in Europe and in Brazil and are focused on creating long term partnerships with Language Service Providers. We understand the demands, intricacies, and realities of today’s localization buyers, and work to make your lives easier.

We do this by providing expert, high quality services for our target market, at scale and at excellent value. We pride ourselves on allowing our partners full transparency into our supply chain and maintaining a dialogue of partnership and respect which has served us well.

We live, breathe, work and sleep Brazil.

All our Project Managers are native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese and all our translators are based in country with many years of experience in their respective domains. Many of our translators work exclusively for TextTrans, allowing us to provide both consistency and flexibility, according to what you need.

We understand the Brazilian market, reality and mindset and work to assure your products and brands achieve maximum impact in one of the most vibrant, exciting and important economies in the world.

We support most industries, most content types and all the leading translation and localization technologies.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, responsive, approachable, and mature in all our dealings with our partner clients. Just as you are solving problems and achieving business outcomes for your clients, so too are we here to make your life easier and provide the service you require.

We hope you enjoy our website and will reach out to us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Maximum impact and resonance in Brazil, one of the most important economies in the world

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