Frequently Asked Questions

Into what languages do we translate?

TextTrans translates into Brazilian Portuguese, across all content types and verticals.

We are also able to provide Iberian Portuguese for some verticals.

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From what source languages do we translate?

We can translate from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

For other source languages please check with us here.

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Who do you translate for?

We translate for global brands and growing enterprises, across many verticals. We receive this work through Language Service Provider (LSP) Partners.

For examples of who we work for, click here.

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Do you translate for individuals?

We do not translate for individuals, only for companies.

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Can you give me a standard price?

Our pricing is based on the content type, degree of specialization, volume of words and on the relationship we have with each client.

We offer preferential rates to companies with whom we can develop long-term partnerships with regular work.

To get some indicative pricing, contact us here.

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What do you need in order to provide a quotation?

We would need to see the source content, preferably in an editable format, and to calculate the word count, along with any special instructions.

You can send us your request here.

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How quickly can you provide a quotation?

We can normally provide ball park pricing within a couple of hours. For complex work or more precise quotations we may need a little longer.

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How quickly can you return the translation?

We will do our best to return each project within your specific deadline.

If we cannot make your deadline, we will give you our best possible turnaround in which we can deliver the high-quality work we are committed to.

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How do you assure high quality?

We assure excellent quality work by:

  • Sourcing experienced, talented, and professional translators
  • Matching your content to the right translators and reviewers
  • Following rigorous, repeatable processes based on best practices in translation and localization
  • Proactively managing risk
  • Using best of breed technology to provide value and reduce errors
  • Communicating well with our clients and translators
  • Providing great customer service

To read more about how we provide excellent quality, please click here.

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Where are your translators based?

Most of our translators are situated in country, in Brazil.

We also have some translators based in Europe who provide Iberian and Brazilian Portuguese.

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I would like to work with TextTrans, how can I do this?

We are always interested in hearing from passionate and talented translators.

To learn more about working with us, please click here.

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What services do you provide?

Please see the full list of services we provide here.

If you require an additional service, contact us here and will do our best to help.

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Can you provide Sworn Translations?

We typically do not provide Sworn Translations.

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Any other questions?

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