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Terminology Management is the process of actively managing your key terms. Content which is specific to a particular domain, or highly technical content, can be full of terms which are not widely understood. Acronyms, jargon, and abbreviations are examples of these types of terms. Product names are now also increasingly unique to their company or brand.

These terms can be very important, because they help an enterprise or a brand differentiate their offering, or because they allow people who work in a common field to understand each other quickly. However, from a usage perspective, not all users will understand the same meaning and so may misunderstand important information. Similarly, different translators or employees may have different ideas about the best translation for a term, and it is hard to gain consensus.

Terminology Management helps us to define what these terms mean, and how they should be used. This is done firstly in the source language, normally English, and then in the target languages needed.

Terminology Management:

  • Provides definitions for key terms
  • Describes how terms should be used
  • Removes ambiguity
  • Reinforces brand
  • Improves consistency
  • Reduces potential risks


Terminology Management is very important for brands in all sorts of verticals.

  • For example, for fashion retailers, it is important that the correct terms are used for each product, so that the consumer can search for and purchase the product on the local website.
  • For software providers, it is necessary that terminology is used consistently between the product user interface and the online help, so that the user can quickly learn how to use the product and resolve issues that come up.
  • In manufacturing, each industry has its own technical terms unique to its own domain, but the same word may have a different meaning in a different sector.

In all of these cases, it is crucial that the terminology is clearly identified, defined, and that the rules for usage and for translation are agreed upon in advance.


TextTrans has many years of experience in managing complex terminology for different verticals.

We are experts in:

  • Extracting terminology from the source text
  • Creating termbases, glossaries & style guides
  • Defining the source terms and their usage
  • Translating source terms into Brazilian Portuguese
  • Liaising with client stakeholders to create consensus
  • Answering queries and helping translators and clients understand best practices
  • Assuring that terminology is correctly and consistently applied in the translations
  • Reducing cost and time to market

Style Guides

As well having distinct terminology preferences, many companies also spend a lot of time creating a distinct voice for their brand. How the brand communicates, and what kind of voice they use when interacting with customers is a key differentiator, and increasingly important. Often these rules and guidelines are documented in a Style Guide. Visual Branding and Graphic Design Guidelines may also be included.

TextTrans can support you by expertly adapting your Style Guide for the Brazilian market. We will review your content, define your goals for the Brazilian market, and then translate and adapt your Style Guide and Visual Branding Guidelines, so that your communications will be consistent and on-brand in Brazil.


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