Linguistic, Localization & User Experience Testing

Linguistic, Localization & User Experience Testing

Much like Linguistic Quality Assurance, Linguistic Testing or Localization Testing is all about reviewing a product, typically pre-release to assess the how it will be experienced in the foreign language or market.

Product development cycles today often remain complex, long-winded processes with many stakeholders and contributors, and code, UI and other customer facing elements often go through many iterations as well as technical formats before it is finally built. Testing a product, website, game or application at this point allows us to capture errors, issues and bugs before your target market.

TextTrans provides the following types of testing:

  • Linguistic Testing, which focuses on whether a product has been correctly translated
  • Localization Testing, which focuses on whether a product has been correctly and completely localized for the local market
  • User Experience Testing, which provides feedback on the user’s experience and perception of the product

Testing allows us to:

  • Identify and fix errors or issues within the product
  • Verify that a product works well in the target market environment and operating system
  • Capture important feedback as to how easy or enjoyable a product is to use, from the user’s perspective
  • Improve products to support better user adoption, customer loyalty or create competitive advantage

As their names suggest, each type of testing focuses on a different aspect, depending on what the clients goals or concerns are. That said, they are not mutually exclusive, and a localization tester may report linguistic bugs, and vice versa, indeed, this is encouraged.

Also all testing variants require that the tester be a native speaker of the target language. It may seem obvious, but to understand how a Brazilian user will experience your product or website, you need to use a Brazilian tester to identify language or localization issues, explain the local perspective and suggest improvements or changes to your product.

In addition, good testers are familiar with and sensitive to the most commonly occurring errors, so it make sense to use experienced resources who know exactly what they are looking for, as opposed to internal employees who may not be as experienced or as aware of what the usual issues are.

TextTrans is able to support different testing and development methodologies and we are able to pre-book our resources to support agile Sprints, according to the clients requirements.

We are familiar with all major bug-reporting interfaces and can help with the creation of test scripts specifically for Brazil.

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