Translation and Localization

Translation and Localization Services

Translation and Localization for Brazil is the foundation of everything we do here at TextTrans.

When delivering products, content and experiences to the Brazilian market, it makes sense for you to work with one of the longest standing, most experienced providers of language services into Brazilian Portuguese. TextTrans is that partner, and for over 16 years now we have delivered innumerable translation and localization projects for many different verticals and purposes.

With our talented, native and local pool of translators, in-depth cultural expertise, native speaker project managers, and deep experience in providing top class service within the translation and localization industry, we provide a unique solution to help you reach one of the most important and vibrant economies in the world. Our translation teams are fully scalable, no project is too large or too small.

Our Translation and Localization services include:

  • Marketing Translation & Transcreation
  • Linguistic Quality Assurance
  • Linguistic & Localization Testing
  • Software Localization
  • Technical Translation
  • Language Services
  • Machine Translation Post-Editing
  • Terminology Management
  • Learning & eLearning Translation
  • Web Localization

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Talented, Experienced Translators

TextTrans manages an extensive and scalable pool of talented, experienced translators and reviewers for every domain and vertical. We match your content to resources who know your domain and are passionate about delivering high quality translations.

All our linguists are native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese and have their own expert knowledge of their specific domain or specialization. With both academic qualifications and practical domain experience, our resources provide high quality translations so that you can achieve maximum impact in Brazil. On average our linguists have about 22 years of experience in translation, and bring all this experience to bear to assure the best user experience and adoption for your customers, partners and users in Brazil.

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Language Quality

  • Our linguists are supported by our tried and tested Quality and Language Quality Assurance processes which guarantee that our translations are:
  • Linguistically correct and error free
  • A complete and accurate representation of the source in Brazilian Portuguese
  • On brand, adhering to your preferred stylistic preferences using your company specific terminology and supporting your brand goals
  • Culturally appropriate and relevant to the Brazilian market

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Deep Cultural Expertise

Brazil is a culture and a market like no other. Apart from sheer size (5th largest economy in the world), ethnically, socially and geographically, we are one of the most diverse countries in the world. Like any other market and culture, Brazil often has very specific attitudes on topics as diverse as Value, Status, Function, Quality, Desirability, Register, Tone, Identity etc. In recent years, the growth and contraction of the economy, and the adoption of new technologies, especially Mobile and eCommerce has also played a large role in terms how consumers behave and how products and brands are delivered to and perceived by Brazilian audiences.

TextTrans brings in-depth knowledge and cultural awareness to every client project we work on. By understanding your goals and content in detail we are able to refine your content, products and communications so that they achieve maximum impact and return on investment in this hugely important market. Whether Software UI or Marketing content, Advertising campaigns or User-generated content, we know the expectations and foibles of our country and provide nuanced solutions which will meet their requirements, and yours.

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Maximum impact and resonance in Brazil, one of the most important economies in the world

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