Marketing Translation & Transcreation

Marketing Translation and Transcreation Services

A company’s brand is perhaps its most important asset. Marketing Translation and Transcreation services keep this asset safe and enhance its value.

We know that your company and teams spend much time, energy, creativity and focus on incubating, developing, and sharing brand stories and marketing messages. What you end up with are powerful and emotive assets and campaigns which are targeted to connect with the hearts and minds of your consumers. It can be a slow and painstaking process through which major funds are funneled and return on investment is always scrutinized.

Marketing Translation

Traditional localization processes are focused on quality from an accuracy and linguistic perspective, and of course usability and consistency are also important. However, to touch the hearts and minds of your target audience and effectively adapt marketing messages for Brazil, we must adapt our processes and way of working. It is not enough to simply provide an accurate translation; the desired impact, calls to action, and impressions must be achieved.

At TextTrans, our skilled team of marketing translators consider the local culture, values, norms, humor, shared experiences and preferences to provide you with market ready translations which will support the goals of your content, campaigns, and brand in Brazil.

Our Marketing Translation solution includes:

  • Specialized translators with proven creative ability and an affinity for producing high quality marketing content
  • Custom project briefs to capture valuable information around your audiences, goals, preferences, and desired impact
  • Client and brand specific glossaries, style guides and branding guidelines for the Brazilian market
  • Collaborative, consultative quality-driven processes, overseen by our expert native speaker project managers; your stakeholders, and reviewers can have as much or as little involvement as they would like
  • 3rd party quality assurance and validation to assure all deliverables are accurately translated, faithful to your brand and culturally appropriate for Brazil


The role of marketing content is to connect in a meaningful way with the intended audience. Sometimes, even the best direct marketing translations will simply not achieve the desired result, whether because the original concept has a different connotation in the target languages, or because the creativity and intelligence of the original campaign loses its power and impact after translation. In these cases, it often makes sense to take a step back and come up with a different approach to appeal to the target market, but achieve the same result.

Transcreation is a creative process which considers both the goals of the brand and campaign and the cultural realities of the target market to imagine a fresh way of achieving the desired impact, adapting the original messaging to suit the target audience. Our Transcreation team carefully considers the desired effect and the best way of invoking this by combining new and creative concepts, evocative language, and a deep understanding of Brazilian culture. The concepts expressed in the final deliverable may differ from the original content, but will achieve the same desired impact and emotional connection to the audience and will remain faithful to the global brand.

Content which may require Transcreation might include: advertising copy, slogans and taglines, marketing campaigns, web banners, email campaigns, marketing collateral and brochures, customer care information.

Marketing Project Brief

For all Marketing Translation projects, TextTrans recommends that a project brief is completed and shared with all parties – client, translators, and reviewers. This allows us to capture important information about the project, and assure that all participants are aligned and share the same understanding of the project goals. Information we gather can include:

  • Content type & medium
  • Audience
  • Purpose & desired impact
  • Style and tone required
  • Marketing reference material
  • Language assets
  • Do not translates
  • Client/reviewer preferences
  • Resource requirements

To download a free copy of our Marketing Project Brief which may help you in planning your project, please click here.

In addition to the linguistic and inventive aspects of producing great marketing content, Marketers and brands may want to consider how local consumer habits, expectations and consumer channels can also have a major effect on how your brand and products succeed in Brazil. Use of mobiles, Social Media and attitudes towards cost and value all play an increasingly important role when marketing to the Brazilian public. There are clear dos and do nots which are important to bear in mind, and it makes sense also to learn from the successes and failures of other companies.

To read about some of these pitfalls and success, and to see our top tips when localizing marketing content for Brazil, download our free fact-sheet here.

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