28 Jul 2020

Thank you to our wonderful project managers


We received a lot of love from our freelance translators this month for our 20-year anniversary, as you might have seen in our social networks. But today our special thanks goes to our wonderful PMs. They are our liaison with translators, and they do their job professionally and gracefully. See here what our translators say about our PMs.



Tatiana is a great manager and a wonderful person. She is always ready to help, knows all the details of the projects and makes work much more efficient. Besides having the privilege of being able to work with this excellent professional over so many years, it is a great joy to have her as my friend. Thank you so much for everything, Tati!”

— Giselle, Ex TextTrans inhouse translator and current freelancer


“I met Tati in person in 2003. Without even knowing each other, we traveled together to Scotland and I soon realized she was a very friendly person. There is no better opportunity to meet someone than on a trip. And the trip was great! And at work it couldn’t be different, we are always in touch because of the projects and she is always very attentive, helpful, and efficient.”

— Tania, Ex TextTrans inhouse translator and current freelancer


Samanta is very attentive, helpful and careful. With her assistance, projects always flow very well. Samanta, thank you for your great help and your excellent work!”

— Giselle, Ex TextTrans inhouse translator and current freelancer


“I have a constant working contact with Samanta and I can only praise her for being so prompt, careful, and attentive in relation to the emails and projects. She is a very easygoing and professional person.”

— Tania, Ex TextTrans inhouse translator and current freelancer


Fabiana is always ready to help. Thanks to her great friendliness, attention and professionalism, work is always efficient. Fabi, thank you so much for all your help!”

— Giselle, Ex TextTrans inhouse translator and current freelancer


Lau, thank you so much for all the support you always give me, throughout every project. Your commitment and your personal touch make even the most challenging projects much easier. I feel supported, both professionally and personally.”

— Ines, Freelance translator


“It is a real honour to have been part of TextTrans since its first day! I joined TextTrans 20 years ago and worked in the Dublin office for around 6 years, where each day was inspiring, motivating and challenging. Time has flown and I cherish all the memories from all of the people I have met during that time. I have learnt and grown professionally and personally. I am truly grateful to TextTrans and all my ex colleagues who had contributed immensely to my journey.

— Henriette, Pioneer TTete


“Congratulations to TextTrans and thank you for our amazing partnership. You are all great class and it’s a pleasure working with all TTetes, who are professional and warm. Happy anniversary to this fantastic team!!!”

— Ines, Freelance translator


“Efficient. Organized. Friendly. Objective. True peers. All these translate the PMs at TT.

I´d like to leave a special homage to Tati, with whom I work closely at a distance” since 2003.”

— Denise, Freelancer translator


“ ‘A project manager is someone who thinks that nine pregnant women give birth to a baby in 1 month’. Whoever wrote this certainly did not have TextTrans project managers in mind. Their understanding of the translation process, the clarity of their instructions and their constantly cheerful tone are the ideal kick-start we, the translators and proofreaders, need to perform our best. Behind every excellent project, there are always outstanding project managers, like Tati, Samanta, and Lau!”

— Vitor, Freelance translator


“TextTrans has the incredible ability to choose people who are friendly, efficient and understanding with the questions that arise for the translator. These qualities are present in all the people with whom I interact in the company, and it could not be different with the PMs. I have NEVER had any problems with them, whatever they could be, in these eight years (wow, EIGHT years already!), even though we went through several problems with tools, TMs, files and everything more that happens in our profession. Anyway, I just wanted to give my sincere thanks to all the PMs (and to you too!) and wish you guys many more years of this incredible relationship that we have.”

— Valter, Freelance translator

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