28 Jul 2020

Did you know? Interesting facts about TextTrans


Would you like to know more about TextTrans? See some curiosities about us:

  • We are thrilled to be celebrating 20 years this month
  • Our name, “TextTrans”, is short for “Text Translation”
  • We started with about 15 translators, and now our database has over 120 translators
  • Claudio is passionate about architecture and drew inspiration from the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, by Oscar Niemeyer, for our logo; it’s our way of paying tribute to Brazilian culture and sharing it with the world
  • Tatiana and Olivia are the team members who have been with us the longest (since 2003), and some of our freelance translators are with us since the beginning
  • Talking business, we translate from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish source files and, in the past 5 years, we translated approximately 28 million words
  • TextTrans is such a family business that we have members of 2 different families: Claudio and Olívia are brother and sister, Samanta is Olivia’s daughter (therefore, Claudio’s niece), and Tatiana and Fabiana are sisters
  • We think diversity strengthens our team: the “TTetes” — our term of endearment for our team members — are spread through Barcelona, Dublin, Porto Alegre and Salvador, and our backgrounds include Accounting, Business Administration, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Fine Arts, Languages, and Law
  • All these great achievements are the result of our top values: we are “Friendly”, “Dependable”, “Problem Solvers” and great “Partners”; we believe this set of values is the key to great success






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