27 Nov 2023

TextTrans is proud to open our new office in Dublin City Centre

TextTrans Team

Dear friends, colleagues, and language industry enthusiasts,

We’re incredibly excited to share a special moment with you all. After more than two decades of hard work and constant dedication to the beautiful world of language services, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in the Capel Street neighbourhood in the heart of Dublin.

For over 23 years now at TextTrans, we’ve poured our hearts into crafting language solutions tailored specifically for the vibrant and expanding Brazilian and Portuguese markets. Our love for the nuances of the Portuguese language and our passion for connecting cultures, consumers and enterprises have been constants throughout our 23-year journey.

Capel Street

Our recent move to Capel Street isn’t just about securing a new space; it also represents our commitment to the future and reflects the strong relationships and partnerships we have built over the years, in Dublin, Europe and further afield.

Picture stepping into a neighbourhood brimming with history and culture—that’s the essence of Capel Street in Dublin 7. And right in the midst of this lively street, you’ll find our cozy but state of the art office. More than just a place for our Dublin-based project managers to sit, we think it’s a location designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and connection.

Shared Success

The TextTrans story has genuinely been made up of moments that fill our hearts with gratitude and pride. The trust bestowed upon us by industry collaborators and partners has been the cornerstone of our growth. From helping global brands navigate the Brazilian and Portuguese markets to ensuring acceptance of cutting-edge products, our team is defined by the shared experiences and successes we’ve celebrated together.

Visitors Welcome!

We were overjoyed to open our doors on Monday, the 13th of November, to our friends, supporters, and esteemed industry collaborators. Welcoming familiar faces and new friends to our new space really filled our hearts with warmth and gratitude.

We also had a unique virtual cheers with our team who called in from various locations in Europe and Brazil. It was fantastic to see the joy on each face and for each team member to know they contributed to our growth.

Please enjoy some of the photographs from the event here!

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