09 Jan 2023

Achieving great results in game localization, our success story


At TextTrans, we have worked on many different projects during the past 22 years. Today we wanted to present one of our success stories with our two experts, Luiz Lendengues, our Language Specialist, and Lau Lemos, one of our excellent Project Managers.

The success story is based on this feedback:

Thank you very much for all your stunning support, appreciate all your swift deliveries ❤

You guys are an amazing team, and we are really happy to work with you all 😊 Big Kudos to Lau Lemos and Luiz Lendengues – for always handling the turbulence with such ease and making sure we get to make the client deliveries. Apologies for the uncertainties during the tournament, but I guess all is well that ends well. You guys are champions.

Cheers and Good night! Take care.

Can you tell us about the client, the background, experience, tenure, and the vertical we are working on? 

The end client is a big company in the Gaming industry, and we were covering their World Tournament. So due to its importance, high visibility, and strict deadlines, it was a very challenging project. We had to be online early in the morning and on weekends to translate, synchronize the subtitles in the videos and deliver high-quality TEP work without any delays.

Can you tell us a little bit about the project?

We were responsible for translating the subtitles into ptBR and ptPT of the player´s interviews and Open Mic of a tournament where different teams from different countries were playing one of the client’s top games.

What were the delivery times like? Were there any dates that had to be modified?

We had to be online for almost two months, weekends included, and cover the tournament from the beginning until the end. Usually, the time frame to be online was 3 ~ 5h a day, starting at 6am CET. The project happened every day, with no changes allowed, and we strictly followed the deadline and schedule. 

What were the main objectives?

Deliver a high-quality translation on time.

What type of text was translated?

Interviews with the players before and after their games in the tournament.

How was the team created? How many people were on the team, and what were their roles?

We had 4 translators in our ptPT team and around 6 translators in our ptBR team. 

Lau worked as our PM, and Luiz mainly as a linguist but also assisted as a Project Manager at times when she wasn’t available. The translation team was created according to the schedule sent by the client. We arranged it according to the availability of the translators.

How would you describe the project plan?

The plan worked; the client followed the schedule as much as possible. The problem was when the project hand-offs would be late, and then we had to organize accordingly, and we had less time to translate. This was the main challenge.

What tools do you use to plan and organize the team and objectives?

We only used an Excel sheet to organize the schedules. We had a group on WhatsApp to confirm the translator´s availability the day before and solve doubts or issues via email. To translate, the client asked us to use memoQ.

Can you describe your experience during the collaboration?

Lau: It was very challenging since the deadlines were tight, and we had to be online early in the morning, but the project was very cool and dynamic.

Luiz: Because I’m a gaming enthusiast, being part of this project was actually a lot of fun! Getting to know more about the client’s requirements and the current state of their industry was really enriching. I wasn’t really familiar with all of the ins and outs of managing a large project from this client, so Lau’s help during this process was critical—she explained each step our team had to go through in order to deliver a high-quality result. I was in charge of assigning the jobs to each translator upon arrival, making sure the subtitles for the videos met the client’s expectations, and reviewing all of the content before delivery.

Were there any difficulties or challenges that you faced during the project? Can you describe some?

Every project has its uniqueness. The main issue here was the time restrictions and when it was delayed for over an hour, and we had to wait online until it arrived, even at the weekends. Sometimes we would need some info from the client, but it was hard to get answers on time, so we had to follow our best judgment.

Can you tell us how you handled them?

We used our best judgment, as we normally do in situations like that.

Were there any changes you weren’t anticipating that you had to deal with?

Yes, sometimes the size of the project would be 3x bigger than expected, so we had to seek extra help on the weekend, so the translators really had to commit and make exceptions since the importance of the project was really high. 

What was the most rewarding part of the project?

To see that everything worked fine in the end and that we were able to deliver a high-quality translation within the deadlines. And finally, the client was happy with it.

Also, the fact that a Brazilian team won it in the end, so it was exciting for us, as we were all cheering for them.

How do you feel about the final outcome? 

Lau: I feel satisfied that all the hard work paid off, especially when we got this wonderful feedback from the client.

Luiz: This was my first time managing a high-visibility project with many requirements, and receiving such positive feedback from our client gives me confidence in my work as a backup project manager. I feel very optimistic about the result and believe our partnership with this client will live on for many years.

Laudecene Sippel Lemos

Laudencene Lemos
Project Manager

Luiz Lendengues
Language Specialist

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