05 May 2017

Most trusted brands in Brazil


Ipsos recently published their ‘Most trusted Brands report 2016’, in Brazil, and for other countries worldwide. This survey, now in its 5th year in Brazil, is conducted annually and evaluates many leading brands and their power of influence in daily life and consumer behaviour in 19 different countries.

The survey provides insight into which companies and kinds of companies are trusted the most, and also what criteria consumers from different countries use when attributing trust or value to a brand.

It analyzes how the public classifies each brand within 57 attributes, which measure, for example, whether the company is part of the daily life of the interviewees, whether it really understands the needs of consumers, inspires confidence, etc.

In addition to listing brands by their influence, the research helps to understand how other five major dimensions – Leadership / Innovation, Trust, Presence, Social Responsibility and Engagement – correlate with this influence.

In Brazil, the survey was done via online panels with 2,016 people.

The survey found that in Brazil, drivers who had the greatest impact on influence were:

  • Leadership / Innovation (37%)
  • Social Responsibility (23%)
  • Confidence (21%)

Even with a lower weight, Presence (11%) and Engagement (8%) also contributed to influence building.

The Top 10 companies were ranked as follows

1. Google

2. YouTube

3 Facebook

4. Microsoft

5. Samsung

6. Nestlé

7. Netflix

8. Colgate

9. Havaianas

10. Caixa

By comparing how the list has evolved over the years we can see which brands have gained or reduced in influence or popularity.

From a localization perspective this data is interesting for a few reasons. The list reflects not just the changing preferences of a growing dynamic country, but by focusing in on the language used by the highly ranked brands in their products and communications we can get a sense of how Brazilian consumers these days are used to being communicated with, and we can adapt our translation style to reflect this contemporary approach.

So, the influencers of today are not just influencing consumers and consumer behaviour but also the language of consumers and their expectations around language style.

It is interesting to note the type of companies that make up the top 10 or top 20, and to consider whether the ranking reflects a largely global trend, or whether it contains trends that are unique to Brazil.

Marketers can study how these companies represent and position their brand within the Brazilian market, and pay attention to whether there are any differences to the way in which the Brazilian companies communicate, compared with those from other countries.

Regardless, any company looking to launch marketing campaigns in Brazil should pay close attention to the key ‘Influence Drivers’ mentioned in the report, and determine if they can promote some of these as part of their brand to assure future success.

Social Responsibility would seem to be particularly important to the Brazilian public – Brazilians want to see more brands who operate ethically, sustainably and with the greater good in mind.

What are the most successful or impactful brands in Brazil for you? We would love to hear your top choices and your reasons why!

Reference: http://www.latinamericanpost.com/article/most-influential-brands-in-brazil-are-tech-compani/


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