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Localization and Translation Project Management


Global brands rely on TextTrans to provide effective solutions and address real life challenges.

Yes, we provide translation and localization of products and content; but more than that we address your unique requirements and challenges in terms of time, quality and cost. Key to delivering these requirements and providing impeccable customer service are our conscientious and multi-talented localization Project Managers.

Our Project Managers are based in Dublin, close to many of our LSP (Language Service Provider) clients and developed their professional expertise in the localisation industry there. They have many years of practical hands-on experience of the specific issues and pressures faced by Localization Project Managers on a daily basis, and work proactively to minimize noise, assure end quality and find effective solutions.

TextTrans Project Managers are all native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, and spend time in Brazil each year. They are attuned to local trends, language issues and cultural expectations and are able to add value by facilitating excellent communications with translation resources & client stakeholders, as well as being able to reduce queries, spot check issues, and solve disputes quickly.

All of our Project Managers:

  • Understand your needs and realities
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Actively manage risk
  • Focus on solutions, not problems

And work according to our core values:

Friendly – Warm, honest, open & positive
Dependable – Professional, careful, mature, efficient
Problem Solvers – Willing, enthusiastic, flexible, focussed on solutions, not problems
Partners – Collaborate, empathize, work for long-term

To provide you with the confidence and peace of mind you need, our Project Managers:

  • Assess your requirements and content
  • Match your content to the best translator, based on experience and skills
  • Create and supplement instructions to assure the best outcomes
  • Confirm delivery deadlines and assure that these are met
  • Manage the localization process (TEP) from beginning to end
  • Coordinate the translation and review steps, along with any arbitration needed
  • Liaise between the teams, client Project Managers and client stakeholders to share information, resolve queries and assure best practices
  • Manage costs and delivery deadlines
  • Identify potential risks and actively work to eliminate and reduce these
  • Provide feedback to client Project Managers

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