Learning and eLearning Localization

eLearning Localization and Learning Localization

Brazilian Culture has always placed a very strong emphasis on learning and education as a means of self-improvement and the creation of a bright future. In recent times, as society has evolved and people have felt the effects of the economic crisis, the desire to educate and up-skill oneself has increased. This has been made further possible by the improvement in IT infrastructure (broadband) and increased availability and affordability of laptops, tablets and mobile phones to access Learning and eLearning. In short, the demand for distance and eLearning Localization services has never been so big, and will continue to grow. This represents opportunities for course providers and localizers to provide great content and courses suited to the needs of the Brazilian public.

Localizing Learning and eLearning content is a time-consuming and intricate process. Typically, courses are made up of many elements, e.g.  content, images, audio, user interface, printed text etc. all of which need to be carefully validated, prepared, localized, approved and recompiled, then tested and validated again before release.

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Our approach to eLearning localization and learning localization

TextTrans focusses on the translation and adaptation of the source materials into Brazilian Portuguese. Our goal is to ensure that all content, images, scripts, UI etc. are not just translated accurately and consistently, but are user friendly and enable the user to focus on the content, and not on trying to decipher meaning.

Approaches to eLearning localization and learning localization have evolved over the years. Whereas before the emphasis was on making the overall process as efficient and cost effective as possible for the provider, now the emphasis is firmly on the user, and on adapting both delivery methods and content to suit their local preferences.

When localizing Learning and eLearning content for Brazil, it is crucial to keep the Brazilian culture and cultural preferences in mind. For example, a course may contain examples or scenarios which are not relevant to Brazil, or which may be condescending to the average Brazilian. These will need to be adapted carefully so that they are more appropriate. Similarly, currencies and units will often need to be adapted, and images used must also be appropriate to the Brazilian audience.

Ignoring these will result in a product which is ineffective and has poor user adoption. TextTrans’ dedicated eLearning team has a lot of experience in adapting courses and content to achieve the best results for you and your learners. In addition, to assure that your content is localized cost efficiently and effectively we always avail of:

  • Translation Memories – To maximize reuse and consistency of translations, and to reduce cost and time to market
  • Glossaries – To assure consistency of terminology throughout your content
  • Style Guides and Brand Guidelines – To assure our translations are consistent with your overall brand identity and company guidelines
  • Spell Checkers – To identify and fix any unintended spelling mistakes
  • Automated Quality Assurance Tools – To identify issues relating to inconsistencies, missing or unmodified translations, spelling errors, mismatch in numbers or tags, deviations from key terminology and more.

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